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Creating Compost

I think we can all agree that these are strange times we're living in (to say the least). Those of us who are privileged enough to stay home in quarantine might be starting to get a little antsy. I know I am! I've cleaned the house within an inch of its life, I've caught up on all of my reading, and I'm even getting a little tired of Netflix. Is there anything productive, fun, and easy I can do to that will also benefit the environment?

Photo credit: Happy DIY Home

If you're also asking that incredibly-specific question, I have the answer: Yes! You can compost! Making your own compost gets you outside, reduces your need for fertilizers, saves money, keeps waste out of landfills, and creates amazing soil for your garden! You can create your own compost at home, using materials and scraps that you probably already have.

You may be thinking, "Creating compost at home sounds amazing, but how do I get started?" Another great question. To learn all about the different types of compost you can make, items to use, and for step-by-step instructions, you can visit Happy DIY Home's great compost guide here! Happy composting! Stay at home!

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