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Tips for a spooky and sustainable Halloween!

Fall is the best time of the year! I will not entertain any arguments to the contrary. I try to embody the season all year round but I particularly thrive in October. What isn't there to love about Halloween?

However, it's important that the excitement for the season (particularly for Halloween!) doesn't spoil our commitment to the environment. If you're like me then you're constantly looking for ways to think green while living my best pumpkin spice, Beetlejuice, orange-and-black, life. Here are some tips for celebrating fall, especially Halloween, in an environmentally-friendly way!

1. Throwing a party? Use reusable utensils and decorations to cut down on waste!

2. Send your trick-or-treaters out with reusable bags instead of plastic ones. Pillowcases are perfect for candy collection!

3. Hand out treats with minimal plastic waste. Some candies are wrapped in recyclable materials, like Hershey's kisses! You can also hand out non-edible treats, like Halloween-themed pencils!

4. If you are handing out candy, make sure it's made with sustainable palm oil to reduce the destruction of the rain forest. See the image below for a list of candies to purchase and to avoid.

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5. Get creative and find your costume at a secondhand store instead of buying it new! You can help the environment while saving money.

6. Choose locally grown pumpkins to reduce your carbon footprint!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Celebrate sustainably!

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