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Episode 8: Bees

After a long hiatus, our podcast, "From Ew! to Oh!" is back with another episode! On this installment, I'm talking to Olivia Shangrow from Rent Mason Bees about some positively perfect pollinators: bees! Listen to the episode here!

Below, you'll find a few supplemental images and information that was referenced in this episode. Remember, if you like what you heard, subscribe to our website, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram!

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A mason bee. There are several hundred species of mason bees alone! Unlike honeybees, mason bees are solitary, not social. Mason bees don't have the yellow and black stripes that we might associate with other bee species.

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Olivia Shangrow, above, is the biologist and operations specialist for Rent Mason Bees, a company that rents solitary bees, like mason bees and leafcutter bees, out to people (like me!) to pollinate plants and to increase the health of our local ecosystems! Visit Rent Mason Bees' website here.

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Above is a honeybee with pollen on his or her legs. Unlike honeybees that are pretty neat pollen collectors, mason bees are fairly messy and tend to shed pollen when they travel from plant to plant. The messy habits of the mason bees mean that more plants are pollinated!

Photo credit: My husband.

As Olivia mentions in the episode, there's really no need to be scared of bees! If one lands on you, Olivia recommends staying calm and still until it decides to fly away. The photo above is of a bee that landed on my hand in London. I stayed still and relaxed and eventually, the bee flew off. Remember, a bee would rather not sting if it doesn't have to!

One action we can take to help bee populations (besides renting them!) is to plant gardens that encourage pollinators to visit, as Olivia mentions in the episode. For some great resources about how to create a pollinator garden, click here or here or here or here!

Gif and photo credit: Me! I learned how!

As I mention in the episode, we now have an Instagram account! Find it here and follow us! Enjoy the episode!

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