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It's Plastic Free July!

How is it July already?? While we might be in the middle of summer, we're just at the beginning of Plastic Free July! Plastic Free July started in Australia and now boasts participants from all over the world. The idea behind this international event is to reduce or eliminate our use of single-use plastics (straws, water bottles, bags, utensils, packaging, etc.). The hope is people will start a plastic-reduction habit during this month and continue it all year!

If eliminating plastic from your life sounds like an impossible goal, you are not alone. Again, Plastic Free July is all about establishing sustainable habits that will make the environment a much cleaner place. Maybe you can't commit to eliminating the plastics in your life entirely, but you can pledge to bring water to work in a reusable bottle, to use shampoo and conditioner with compostable packaging (my goal), or to use a bamboo toothbrush. has many great suggestions to help you achieve your reduced-plastic goals!

Ready to reduce your plastic use this month? Join millions of participants from around the world and sign a pledge here!

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