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Isle of Dog (Treats)

Today's Meatless Monday is not strictly for human consumption (although if you really want to, you can eat these, too). Today we're making dog treats! I recently made these treats for a new neighbor's dog and although the neighbor hasn't said anything (it's fine, I'm over it) I'm sure the dog loved them. It's not his fault that his owner doesn't write thank-you notes (I swear I'm over it). The recipe is here!

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I want to make something clear: I am not not not an advocate of feeding cats and dogs and other domesticated omnivores a vegetarian or vegan diet. These animals are not meant to eat a plant-only diet and I don't support the idea of trying to make them do exactly that. These dog treats just happen to be vegetarian (if you want them to be; I'll explain below).

This recipe only requires two ingredients: whole wheat flour and baby food! You can choose your the type of baby food you want to use (I chose sweet potato) and the recipe almost makes itself! These dog treats are easy to make and they're a simple but thoughtful gift for someone with a dog. Have fun making them!


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