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Molletes: Comida de Guatemala

Today's Meatless Monday is brought to you by a recent trip to Guatemala with my dad. We were lucky enough to attend a fantastic cooking class while we were there, during which we made molletes, a traditional Guatemalan dessert that is usually served on All Saints' Day.

My dad was an expert at putting the filling inside the pan dulce.

Because the cooking class was held at our Spanish-learning school, we were given a list of pertinent ingredients and verbs.

It's served with a delicious sweet syrup (called miel) and is very easy to make.

Finished product with the syrup! I couldn't wait to take a photo before eating a little.

The photos and video below are from our cooking class and the recipe can be found here! Have fun making this delicious postre (dessert)! Check out the video below for an inside look at how molletes are made!


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