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Episode 4: Spiders

This episode of "From Ew! to Oh!" discusses an animal that we all probably see on a daily basis: spiders! Are these eight-legged animals friends or foes? Find out when I interview Mike Cash, a keeper at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo who works with spiders every day!

You can find my podcast here and the transcript here.


In this episode, Mike Cash tells us all about the incredible diversity of spiders that exist in the world and about their importance. We learn about chelicerates (spider fangs), floating spiders, spider babies, and much more! The moral of the story is this: not only do spiders have intrinsic value, but we should also be extremely grateful to them for keeping our homes pest-free. Thanks, spiders!

Below are some photos from my visit to Bug World at the Woodland Park Zoo. Go see it for yourself!

The exterior of Woodland Park Zoo's Bug World.

A Peruvian orange-striped bird-eater, a resident of Peru and South America.

One of the most interesting parts of Bug World was the golden orb weaver spider exhibit. In this dark photo, you can barely make out the spider underneath the 'a' in the 'Tropical forest' sign. Because the orb weaver waits for food to come to her, there is no worry about her escaping and so there is no glass separating her from Bug World's visitors.


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