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Episode 3: Octopuses

This episode of the podcast is all about one of my favorite cephalopods: the octopus! Octopuses, while not the most reviled animals in the world, are still considered by some to be creepy and alien-like. In reality, they are smart, well-adapted invertebrates that can be found all over the world.

Click here for the podcast and here for a transcript of the episode!

I was fortunate to be able to interview Kathryn Kegel for this episode. Kathryn is a Senior Aquarist at the Seattle Aquarium and has worked with octopuses for over ten years. If you're ever in the Seattle area, make sure to stop by the aquarium to meet the octopuses she works with! You can read more about the Giant Pacific octopus on their website here.

Thank you for listening!


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