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Herbs: they grow up so fast!

I repotted the herbs today! They were getting far too big for their small egg carton-sized homes so I replanted them with new soil in larger pots that I had on hand. I was worried that they had used up all of the nutrients from the original soil. The basil and the thyme are doing very well but I am not seeing a lot of progress from the chives or the rosemary. Maybe the transition to new, larger pots will help with their growth. You can see in the photo below that the basil in the back is doing much better than the chives in the center or the rosemary near the front.

It is sunny today but I am still going to keep the herbs under the broad spectrum lighting indoors. The weather is just a little to cold for growing herbs like these. I think it is, anyway. I am certainly no botanist, as the ghosts of plants I've neglected in the past would tell you. As you can see from the photo below, I did put the thyme outside because not all of the pots could fit under the indoor light and the thyme is doing very well so can hopefully handle outdoor exposure.

The herbs are still too small to be used in cooking but I think that the basil and thyme are only days away from being able to use them. I'll report back soon about whether or not the larger pots help with the growth of the rosemary and chives.


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