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Review: Save the Earth

App: Save the Earth

Rating: 7/15

Background: Save the Earth is a gaming app that asks the user to sort trash items into different bins, such as plastic, paper, metal, organic, glass, or hazard (Save the Earth, 2012). The goal is to pick the correct bin for whichever item is falling. If the user picks too many incorrect bins, the pollution levels will get too high and the user loses (Save the Earth, 2012).

My experience: I played this game for a while, hoping that something exciting would happen if I played for long enough. Nothing did. The game setup reminded me slightly of Tetris because objects are falling and the game tells you which item is coming up next. Even if I weren’t critiquing this app for its conservation and nature values, I would not play this game again.

Usability: 5/5

This app is easy to use; I’ll give it that. All I had to do was press the start button and the game began.

Knowledge: 0/5

I learned nothing from playing this game and I certainly didn’t learn how to save the earth. The idea behind this app seems to be to teach people how to recycle but it really doesn’t even do that. Not all cities deal with trash in the same way; for example, Seattle composts while Kansas City does not. The game might make people (especially children) think that everyone needs six trashcans to properly dispose of garbage. Also, some of the items were unrecognizable, like the item in the top right of the image I took. I have no idea what that is and therefore no idea how to sort it.

Nature/Conservation Connection: 2/5

I’ll give this app two points because the idea behind the game is conservation-related: learn how to recycle. However, there are really no true nature or conservation ties beyond that. This app didn’t encourage me to get outside, to actually recycle in real life, or to reduce what I use.


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