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Grocery difficulties

Just a quick update today about my produce progress. First, I realized while grocery shopping today that my produce consumption is not limited to the produce section. I also occasionally buy fruits and vegetables in cans and jars. After some thought, I am not going to include cans and jars in my challenge to eat local produce. Hopefully I can work up to that level eventually but for now, I will confine my local produce pledge to the fresh fruits and vegetables I eat.

Second, I did not take into account the growth rate of herbs when I promised to grow my own. My little herb babies are not yet full grown, so I still have to buy the herbs I need for recipes, such as the rosemary I recently purchased (see below). I did buy the organic option of this herb but the rosemary wasn't local but instead distributed by a company in California, according to the label. As I mentioned in a previous post, I wish that more companies would clearly state where their food is grown. I did a cursory internet search for Lucerne Foods to try to figure out where this rosemary might have come from. I came up empty.

I hope the herbs will be big enough to use soon! I'm excited to cook with herbs I grew myself!


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