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Herb Appeal

Besides buying local, seasonal produce, I have pledged to grow my own herbs instead and use those. Not only will I know exactly where they came from but I will also avoid the waste that often accompanies buying herbs in a bunch. I don't know about you but generally the recipes I make only call for a small quantity of herbs like rosemary and I find that the rest of the rosemary goes to waste.

I have planted the herbs that I use most often: chives, rosemary, thyme, and basil. I should preface this entire project by saying that I have managed to kill all of the plants that have ever been in my possession so I can't guarantee success in this venture. However, I'm hoping this blog will hold me accountable to regular waterings and general plant husbandry.

I bought a seed starter kit and the packets of seeds for the herbs I listed above. I planted the seeds in the soil provided in the kit. Right now in Seattle it is rainy and cold outside so I was worried about making sure these baby herbs got enough sun. Luckily, my husband is a biology teacher and had a broad spectrum light from a classroom experiment. We attached the light to a bookshelf and put the herbs under it.

It's only been a few days and the herbs are already doing very well (see the photo below)! I planted the four herbs in quadrants so the basil is on the left and the thyme is on the right. The chives and rosemary don't seem to be growing as quickly but I guess I'll just have to give them some thyme! Sorry, I couldn't resist.


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