Quick Tips for Conservation

Have you been inspired by what you've read on this site? Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed by the current state of the environment and want something concrete to do to help out the earth. You're in the right place! This list below (which is updated often!) is full of things you can do today to make the earth a healthier, better place. If you have any suggestions you'd like to add, please let me know in the comments! 


  • Grow native plants in your yard. 

  • Take shorter showers. 

  • Reduce the amount of meat you eat or eliminate it from your diet altogether. 

  • Eat only sustainable seafood (seafoodwatch.org).

  • Reuse: bags, bottles, straws, etc. 

  • Shop at secondhand stores. 

  • Carpool or use public transportation whenever possible. 

  • Use products without microbeads. 

  • Throw on a sweater instead of turning up the heat. 

  • Get outside and enjoy nature!

  • Collect the cold water that comes out of the tap before the water gets hot. Use this water on your indoor and outdoor plants. 

  • Teach your children about the importance of the outdoors. Take them on a nature walk! 

  • Learn about one new animal that's native to your area. 

  • Establish a sit spot and spend some time there. 

  • Don't throw away your food scraps - compost them! 

  • Organize a community clean-up of a park, beach, or another outdoor area. 

  • Dispose of expired or unused medication properly instead of flushing them.  

  •  Buy local, seasonal produce. 

  • Purchase shade-grown coffee to preserve the rainforest.

  • Choose products with sustainable palm oil to protect the habitats of millions of animals. 

  • If you're considering a pet, do your research to find out where the animal came from and to make sure that you can care for it. 

  • Use solar chargers for your electronics. 

  • Write a letter to lawmakers about an environmental issue that matters to you!

  • Reduce your meat intake by participating in Meatless Mondays!

  • Use the kit found here to educate your community about sustainable palm oil. 

  • Keep your cats indoors to prevent harm to native animals, like birds. 

  • Prevent the spread of invasive organisms by thoroughly cleaning your hiking gear when you travel from place to place. 

  • Spay and neuter your pets.  

  • Join the Buy Nothing Project in your neighborhood to promote sharing and reduce waste! 

  • Replace any incandescent bulbs in your home with LED light bulbs. 

  • When fishing, use bait native to your area to reduce the chance of spreading invasive species. 

  • Grow your own herbs! You can even start an herb garden in your apartment

  • Put a chimney cap on your chimney to keep animals out of your house, which is stressful for both you and them!

  • Participate in a citizen science project, like Snapshot Serengeti

  • Dispose of old or unused fishing line or nets properly. 

  • For your next birthday, request donations to an environmental organization!

  • Attend environmental events in your area: talks by researchers, special events at your zoo or aquarium, local fundraisers, and more! 























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