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Welcome to Two Birds, One Scone! 

Welcome! You have arrived at Two Birds, One Scone, an environmental conservation blog that tells the story of one woman's struggle to conserve in a world that encourages convenience and materialism. My aim is to rediscover and cultivate my connection to nature while hopefully inspiring a similar journey in you! 


This blog's title comes from a saying I love: "feeding two birds with one scone". It's a play off a more familiar phrase, of course, "killing two birds with one stone". Feeding two birds with one scone better fits my intended purpose of this blog, which is to do the most good with what I have. Resources for aiding the environment are scarce and so this blog will focus on small things we can do in our everyday lives that can make positive impacts on our environment. 







Above is a picture I took of one of my favorite places in nature: the coast of Oregon. I promise that the rainbow is real! Every time I visit this beautiful place, I feel a connection to both the ocean and Earth as a whole. Visiting this beautiful place reminds me to be grateful for all of the many benefits the earth gives us, including the opportunity to glimpse its beauty.  


Thank you again for visiting Two Birds, One Scone! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have! 




About the Blogger

Margaret is now a resident of the Pacific Northwest but was previously a sixth-generation Kansan. She loves sharks. Like, really loves sharks. 


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