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From Ew! to Oh!

Below you'll find my podcast series, "From Ew! to Oh!". This podcast discusses animals that we might usually think of as scary or gross and highlights their amazing features and the important things they do for us! I'm hoping to change listeners' minds about these animals because the more we learn to care about an animal, the more likely it is that we'll want to help and care for that animal.   

I was inspired to create this podcast because I've always had a soft spot for animals with bad reputations, from sharks to snakes to bees. I have to admit, I get a little frustrated when an animal is dismissed or reviled just because it has scales, sharp teeth, or no bones. Traditionally, "cuddlier" animals (like pandas) have a lot of conservation programs devoted to their survival, which I think is due in part to the fact that most people can relate more to a sea otter than they can to a king cobra. I'm hoping to make these more unusual animals more relatable. 

I hope I can change your mind about these amazing animals! Take a listen and be sure to peruse the extra content accompanying each episode! 

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